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Urban Wolf: It’s Turkey Time!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Finished_Thanksgiving (1)


Just so you know, this is a true story.  It happened last week. The turkeys were a beautiful chestnut brown with white bands on their wings.

 Click on the cartoon above to enlarge.

New Halloween Embroidery Patterns!

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Halloween is coming!  So I felt it was time to have some new holiday Patterns.  The Cute Little Witch you see is my first idea.  Quite a sweetie pie, isn’t she! 

But then I thought, what would a pattern look like if it was drawn like my actual cartoon style.  And down be low is the result.  So you have a choice.  The cute little witch above and the weird witch and devil cat below.

Click here to get to my Etsy store:  BADBIRD at Etsy


Click here to get to my Etsy store: BADBIRD at Etsy

A Christmas Dog.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Our dog is a Christmas dog. We try to hold off letting him know that it’s holiday time because he can get  intense.

Every year he gets the same three presents.  A large hard plastic ball w/ holes cut into it to reveal yet another ball inside, a small throwing ball, and a hedgehog that snorts and squeaks.

He has acquired the knowledge that during the holiday season people buy presents that they carry in shopping bags decorated for Christmas.  He also believes that the odds are in his favor that the shopping bags carried by strangers might contain a present for him .  It’s a number’s thing.

Unfortunately, one of our favorite parks to walk in is next to a mall.  There was a “incident” with my dog and some teens carrying home their Christmas shopping.  Luckily they got off with just a Nose mugging. (major sniffing)

My dog thinks that babies are boring.  He has no interest in them until Christmas because, let’s face it, stealing a present from a baby is like stealing candy from a baby.

And babies don’t  know how to play with a Busy Box properly. (I got him a Simon Game from a thrift store one year.  He loved it until it broke in about 10 minutes.)


On Christmas morning we have to make sure that our furry boy gets one of his presents first.  Otherwise we have a lot of whining and nose pushing.  His technique for opening a present is almost surgical.  He really would rather not tear the paper.  I’d like to believe that he appreciates the effort we took to wrap him a pretty package.

Since he doesn’t like destroying the wrapping paper, if a present is too difficult to open he will whine until we start it for him.

Once his presents are open he is in doggy heaven with the same 3 toys we have gotten him almost every year.  We have tried other toys and snacks too, but apparently they were yucky.

For at least an hour on Christmas morning we have this (see below).

Like I said, he’s in doggy heaven.



New Halloween Embroidery Pattern!

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

New Halloween Pattern at my Etsy store!

I met one of my clients in person last weekend. She had stitched up quite a few of my embroidery patterns.  I asked her if there were any other patterns she would like to see in my store and she said, “More Halloween Patterns!” 

I got busy as soon as I got home and designed up this cute Bat/Halloween sampler.  You can find this pattern at my Etsy store.

Happy Chocolate Memories – #1 Easter

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

My family isn’t religious, so Easter at my childhood home was about candy. . .  Oh, and the Easter Bunny, of course, But mainly it was the candy.

My folks would fill our baskets with an obscene amount of goodies.

For me the best thing in my basket was the chocolate rabbit.

The basket would include M&M’s and foil covered chocolate eggs.  Unfortunately, there would also be Peeps and Jelly Beans.  Peeps and jelly beans are just plain sugar.  NO chocolate what-so-ever.  In my world candy is good ONLY if it contains chocolate. 

On the Chocolate Rabbit there was a small sugar tablet eye. Who would put such an impurity on a thing as lovely as a Chocolate Rabbit?  It was a horrible single, yellow & blue staring eye. (For some reason, the whites on our chocolate rabbits eyes where yellow where the white should be.)


  I would give all my peeps, jelly beans and rabbit eyes to my little sister.  As much as I liked chocolate she liked sugar.  Pure old white sugar.  If we had Oreos, she would lick the filling out of the center and hand me over the two remaining chocolate cookies.  At birthday parties her favorite part of the cake was the frosting flowers.  We’re not talking GOOD frosting flowers, but the heavy, way-too-sweet, nasty frosting flowers.  After the party if there was any cake left any remaining frosting flowers would mysteriously disappear.

At restaurants she would suck on sugar packets.


The preparation and eating of a chocolate Easter rabbit was important to me.  Instead of eating the rabbit right away I would stick it in the refrigerator.   I wouldn’t eat it until it was rock hard.


Being hard as a rock,  it would take several munching sessions to finish the rabbit.  Easter wasn’t officially over until the last of the rock hard rabbit was eaten.