Black Hat

May 13th, 2010


New Doom Girl print , Black Hat. 

Embroidered Dog Portrait II

May 6th, 2010

Pattern transfer

 I have transfered the design to muslin fabric.  I used a Heat Transfer pencil.

Starting the embroidery

Sorry for such a bad image.  I basically stitched ( using the stem stitch) all the lines ( of the dog only) in a dark grey.  I have started putting in the black shading for the area of the eyes and nose.  For shading I am using a runnning stitch that creates a nice dot pattern.

At this point, the portrait can go either way, good or bad.  I have been known for ripping out a lot of embroidery if I am not happy with it.  Buttons face colors so far are black and dark grey.  I am hoping to put in some warm colors.   I having a bit of trouble seeing the personality in this piece.  His face is so furry it’s hard to catch his expression.

Embroidered Dog Portrait

May 4th, 2010

Here is the subject for my embroidered portrait, Button.  You can’t tell from this photo but Button is only about 8 pounds.  He is a little guy.

This is the drawing I’ll base the portrait on.  The image has been made a bit more graphic and with embroidery in mind, such as the shading is done with dots.  Not everyone would approach a portrait like I do.  Another technique is a embroidered painting.  A embroidered painting is created by filling the whole image using embroidery floss as your “paint”.  Or, you could make the image more graphic, heavily stylized or even flat.  For me the challenge is to create a a portrait that captures the subject.  I don’t want a image that is a picture of a terrier mix but a portrait of Button.  

I Think a lot about how I want this piece to look as I make the drawing.  I constantly ask myself, ” How will I represent the hair?” or, “How will I add the deepth, from light to dark, to this piece?”.    I have certain techiques I use, such as outlining, dotted shading, and flat filling stitches and I try to keep them all in mind. 

Above is my finished pattern.  Even though it is pretty detailed it is still just for reference.  As I stitch the design I am free to make changes.

Compare the photo, drawing, and the pattern.  You’ll be able to see the differences.  I try not make an exact copy of the original photograph, but  my own  personal interpretation.  I’ve  added flowers to this piece which will add color and I just like stitching  flowers.

Here is some other embroidered dog portraits:

Berlin Embroidery Designs

Mr. X Stitch

William Schaff

Embroidered Dog Portraits

May 3rd, 2010


Purlene by Andrea Zuill

Some of my first needlework samples I ever posted where  portraits of dogs.

Maggie by Andrea Zuill

I am a little dog crazy and these portraits where great fun. 

I even got a commission to do the piece above.  And, yes, that is the actual dog’s expression.

I have decided to try another dog portrait.  This one will be of a dog named Button.  Button is a terrier mix that was adopted from the Humane Society by friends of mine.  I will post some of my steps  I take to create a portait.  Button will be the first hairy dog I have ever done.  Wish me luck.


Caterpillar Toy

May 3rd, 2010

New print at The Doom Girl store!  Caterpillar Toy.

Maneki Neko, May’s Embroidery Pattern

April 29th, 2010
Maneki Neko

 Someone in my Flickr group, Badbird Patterns,  requested I do  Maneki Neko, so I thought I would give it a try.  Enjoy.

Click on image to print out pattern.

Play time for The Doom Girls. Little toy clown.

April 29th, 2010

  New with The Doom Girls, Toy Clown.  I thought it was only right that the girls had something to play with.

Sue and Ducky

April 28th, 2010
Sue and Ducky

 I have a brand new print at my Etsy store, The Doom Girls.   This one is called Sue and Ducky.  I consider Sue my little mod girl.  I think the duck is pretty cool too.

You can click on either the print or the image below to get to The Doom Girl store.