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May’s embroidery pattern: Giraffe

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Giraffe by Andrea Zuill - Click on image to get the full size pattern.

Spring is here. 

 Now comes the warm breezes, flowers, and hormonal animals  making  us very aware of nature.  And what animal do you think of most during spring?  The Giraffe!

Have fun!

April’s Embroidery Pattern, Hummingbird Time!

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Click on image to get the full size pattern.

 This should be a fun pattern.  It’s a hummingbird of no specific type, but if you want to make it saucy you can say it’s a Lucifer Hummingbird.  That’s a real bird.  Some extremely sharp scientist must of noticed how vicious these guys where and knew the they could not be of heavenly origin. 

Since I have been going to all these art/craft shows I have met a bunch of people that have shared hummingbird stories with me.  Many of  which where close to near death experiences for the humans simply because they forgot to refill the bird feeder.

March’s Embroidery Pattern. It’s fishy.

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Click on the image to get the full sized pattern.

Bet you thought I had forgot!  
Well, I did. 
Better late than never. I present a Folk Art Fish. 
Click on the image to get the full size pattern.

I want a Platypus, I want a Platypus! Okay, this months pattern is a Platypus.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Platypus by Andrea Zuill

 At my Flickr group Badbird Patterns I’ve had a couple of people ask for a Platypus pattern.  I don’t know if they where Aussies, but Australians have supported me quite a bit over the years by buying my prints.  The least I could do was dedicate a pattern to them.

Platypuses are very cute, in mixed up kind of way.  They are mammals that lay eggs.  Their young nurse from their mother not with nipples, but with milk that is released through pores of her skin on her abdomen.  Now this is the weird part,  both the male and females have spurs on their back feet that contain venom.  

Let’s see a show of hands.  Who thinks that a platypus should be called a Cobra Duck?   1. . . 2. . . . 3. . . . . . .          Okay, this is going to take awhile.  In the mean time please stitch yourself up a heaping cup of platypus embroidery.

Click on the pattern above to get the full size image.


January’s Embroidery Pattern – It’s a polar bear!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
It’s a new year.  Wootpy Frigin’ Doo!
I don’t know about you but I ‘m still trying to get the whole Caga Tio thing out of my head. 
For January’s pattern I wanted a winter theme that wasn’t Christmassy.  The first idea that came to mind was a secular Polar Bear.   Okay, I know,  Polar Bears are Baptist, but in general I think we all agree that polar bears give the feeling of being atheist or maybe agnostic.   Anyway, that topic is for another time.

Polar Bear by Andrea Zuill


As always click on the pattern to get the full size image.

Novembers Embroidery Pattern. It’s a Snowman!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Snowman by Andrea Zuill

Hey everyone!  It’s time for the Embroidery Pattern of the Month and as you can see it’s a Snowman.   I hope you have a bunch of fun with him!

Click on the image to get the full size pattern.

Stitched by Hand Competition

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Hi Everyone,  I have just gotten back from my trip and I thought I would jump right into posting a  proper blog for the participaants of the Stitched By Hand Competition.

Now, I was going to post all the info regarding the pieces in my blog but I decided to just let you click onto the images which will take you right to Flickr.  There  you will get all the details and larger photo’s of each of the pieces.  Many of the pieces also have posted more than one image of their work.

Each winner has won $40.00 worth of patterns from my store and gets to choose one of my $20.00 prints from one of my two Etsy stores.

Here are the winners of the Stitched By Hand Competition, please click on the images to see the work  full size.

Hand Embroidery:

I Think We Should See Other Monsters by Robyn Enz

Hand Stitched/Mixed Media Fiber:

Snail Keyring by J.Lancer, Lacerslife

Machine Stitching and Quilting:

Caterpillar Bag by Kris, Tiggerish

Non Tradition Materials:

Slow Life with Snail by Dawn Rogal

Here are the other participants of the competition:

Hand Embroidery 

Angry Bird by Angie, Glazedangel 101

Protective Coloration by fjorlief

Spring Pixie by Kris

Ollie the Gentleman Octopus by Lauren Carroll

Poppy's Pumpkin Girl by xperimentl

Hidden Feed Sack Buffalo by Joanna Tharp

Dutch Kids by Dutch Kids

Hand Stitched / Mixed Media Fiber

Lost in the Mist by Joey's Dream

 Machine Stitching and Quilting


Welcome Gnome by Cate, 23rd Spiral

Octobunny & Lil' Mermaid Share a Dance by Umzavi

Non Tradition Materials

Pumpkin Girl by Gilda del La Garza

 Lastly, Since everyone did a great job, thus making my job harder,  I decide to give everyone in the competition  a 4″x6″ print of their choice.  Except the winners, you greedy gooses. 

 PARTICIPANTS:  Please Contact me for your choice in prizes!  I almost forgot!  For the I will make any $20.00 print into a 4″x6″ print for all the participants.


October’s Embroidery Pattern

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Death Head Pattern by Andrea Zuill


It’s the time of year when a young girls fancy turns to skulls.   You see, once upon a time, English puritans commonly used dark, bone laden imagery much like the Mexican culture.  But, alias, we are now in mellower times.  Gone are the dark clothes (goths excluded),  death heads, ascending souls and the single eye of god painted on the church pulpit.  Those where such happy times.  Sigh……

Enjoy your Death Head.