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Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Five fantastic cats.

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

NOTICE:  I know most of you have seen these cats already but they’re new to me and I lurve them.

Maneki Neko Lives!  Is this the ultimate cute cat or what?  I went through a bunch of this cat’s photo’s before I figured out that it IS a real cat.

More on this cat:

Oh, and his name is Snoopy.  Tee-hee!

Grump cat.  Love the grump/pout look and the flat stare.  He actually has a under bite like a bulldog.

More images of the grump:

When a Sasquatch and a cat love each other very much, and they get-it-on, then you get this guy above.  He also looks kind of  Seuss-ish.

Meet Frank and Louie, the two faced cat.  I don’t even know what to say.  I do know that when this guy was born he was going to be put down.  But, a vet tech (I think that’s what she was) decided to take him home and now he has  grown up to be a healthy cat…..that just happens to have two faces.


This unusual fella was part of a group of feral kittens.  I don’t remember how many kittens there where in the litter, but this guy and one of his sisters where the only ones to have this look.  The sister was adopted by the veterinarian that was taking care of the litter,  but then she died (the cat that is).  The care givers for her brother decided to give him to the vet.  Now he is a greeter at his human’s veterinary office.

His fur has grow out on his body in much the same pattern as a lion’s mane. The rest is hairless.

Here is actual video of Mr. Bizarro Cat:

Ten things you shouldn’t do.

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

(The illustration above has nothing to do with this blog entry.  I just hate posting without having some kind of artwork in it somewhere .)


10 Things you should never do.


1.       Never tell anyone that you never really cared for the band U2.  (I found this out the hard way.)

2.       Same about Oprah.

3.       Never confess, with the possible exception to the authorities, that you had accidently killed a Bald Eagle*.    If you do make this confession it may lead to nervous laughter from your Daughter and Grand Daughter, and the statement, “You’re gross.” from your wife.

4.       If you do confess to killing a Bald eagle by accident and your wife says, “You’re gross”, do not follow that statement by saying, “At least it wasn’t a Panda!”

5.       Never eat an entire bag, roll, or box of sugar free candy all at one time.  Your family and toilet will thank you.

6.       If you’re ever at a zoo where there are 2 adult elephants and one baby elephant on display and you over hear a mother tell her child that the elephants are a mommy, daddy and baby, NEVER butt in and tell them that in fact the father elephants don’t stay with the mommy and babies and the other adult elephant is a female.   Just let them live in their false reality of lies.

7.       This one is for the older folks.  Whenever you need to add the words, “I’m not a racist but…” to something you are about to say I will guarantee that your next words will be racist.

8.       Never try to share the movie Shaun of the Dead with your aging father.  At the beginning he will not notice the zombies in the background and he will think that you are just showing him an artsy film of a guy walking around.

9.       Never intently watch a swollen dead squirrel in the middle of the road.  It will eventually be run over by a car, which may lead to its head exploding off with a loud pop.  This will leave you laughing and scarred.

10.   Lastly, never ask for double butter on your movie theater popcorn.  You will never emotionally or physically recover.  The smell of any theater lobby still makes me a bit nauseous.



*The eagle thing happen a long time ago, so nothing can be done now, and it wasn’t me.