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My Camping Trip

Monday, July 9th, 2012

I have convinced my dog to tell you about our latest camping trip.  Since most people don’t speak Corgidor I have translated his words for you.

     We went camping again, but I am a much changed dog from the one that was scared at every noise on our first  trip (  I still hate how long it takes to get to our camp site, but Mom tries to make the long car ride fun by pointing out things along the road that I might find interesting.


I made quick business of securing our camp site.


      Since wolves don’t eat Miss Daisy’s Nutritional Kibble for the Precocious Senior Pooch in the wild I refused it too.  But Mom, being very smart, brought a jar of caribou scrapings and mixed it in with my food.  This was a good compromise.


We hiked a lot!  One thing I like about being in the wild is you can pee on anything and nobody gets mad!


      As much as I liked being way up in the mountains, it was also fun to go into town and check out the local action.  I met a couple ladies that were just my type.


We did all kinds of really fun things on our camping trip.


But I also got a little worn out having so much fun so it was good to get home.