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New print! It’s a Owl and a… a… a… dead mouse.

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

      You know not all owls are smiley hoots and rainbow colored poop pellets (I know the pellets aren’t poop, so back off).  This new print is my nod to those flying, meat eating ghouls of the night.  Wouldn’t it look great in your babies nursery!

To find this print at my store either click on the owl or go here:×7-digital-giclee-fine-art

It comes in 3 sizes, kind of a small, medium, large thing going on.

Sorry guys, this is a long one.

Monday, April 23rd, 2012
      There is a smell in the air.  This smell has triggered something in my brain.  Every part of my being says it’s vacation time.  But a vacation won’t come for awhile.

Hwy 80, aka the Bankhead Hwy

 The last 6 months have been weird ones, with my Daughter’s engagement and Father-In-Law medical emergency that had him in the hospital for 2 months.

    My Father-In-Law’s stay at the hospital required my Husband to spend most of his days and nights, by his father’s side.  At first my husband would try to leave for short periods to come home and shower, but every time he left something bad would happen to his father.  He decided to not leave his father side. I am very greatful that my husband’s employer allowed  him time to keep this bedside vigil.  Once the vigil started the “accidents” stopped happening, medication was given at the right times and he improved. 


     Months before the family crises,  I had started noticing unusual things about my body.  First, were leg tremors, very much like the tremors I’d  get after climbing 10 miles down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  And, I assure you that I have been no where near the canyon for quite some time.  Then, about the time when my niece came to stay with me I noticed that my arms started to do the same thing.  And added to this where heart palpitations and exhaustion. 

   I quickly diagnosed myself through the Internet, so when I went to see my doctor, had a ton of tests done and the diagnosis came back the same one that I had come up with, I gave myself a high-five. 

     I have Graves disease.  Well, that’s what I call it when I’m looking for sympathy.  The less scary term for it is Hyperthyroidism.  I, in fact, have a rather mild case.  I’m on meds, but still have symptoms.  It should take another 4 weeks before I should feel the symptoms start to leave.  Until then I have a annoying case of the jitters, can’t go on hard hikes and lifting groceries out of the car if a major pain. 

Quartz found on Hwy 80

       As for a vacation, it will have to wait.  I plan to hike the Grand Canyon this fall, but I’ll have to see.  My Doctors think that there is enough time for the medicine to do it’s job.  But I still have to lose a bit more weight and get some long, hard (that’s what she said)  hikes under my belt.

Fence border between the US and Mexico.

      So,  my husband and I have to be content to take mini vacations, or basically, taking a drive.  When I feel vacation-y I often think of the Southwest (Various canyons, Four Corners and Route 66).  The closest thing like that we have near us in Hwy 80, also called the Bankhead Hwy.  It’s a cool old cement highway with old worn out towns and some ruins.  It’s also right on the border with Mexico so you can see the huge border fence and see the Border Patrol everywhere.

Jacumba, CA

   Hwy 80 in the San Diego area is in the southeastern part of the county.  The communities out here are the kind of areas where you start thinking, ” What in the heck do people do for a living out here?”.    There are large ranches, indian reservations and the ruins of attempts to make something work out in this desert.

McCain Valley

     It is one of those locations that make people say things like, “Well at least it’s not L.A.”

It’s time for a wedding!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012


   My daughter is getting married.  Here is what happened when she told me-

Daughter:  I’m getting married!

Mom:  That’s so awesome! Now what do we do?

Daughter:  I don’t know.

Mom:  Me neither.  How about elope?

Daughter: No, I  don’t think so.

Mom:  Oh my god, you mean I have to dress up?  What will your Father wear?  I don’t know how to put together a wedding!  Can we have chocolate cake?  Do I have to wear high heels?  I’m not wearing makeup!  Can we have a candy bar?  Wouldn’t if be fun if we all dressed like circus performers!  Oh god, were am I going to get a circus performer type outfit?

 Daughter:  No Mom, no circus outfits.  Could you just design our invitations?

Mom:  Yes. . . Yes I can.



   I put, “as they join fin and paw in marriage”in the announcement as a joke, but my daughter and her fiance both liked it, so it sayed.