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Camp Whosawolf

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

This Winter my dog decided to take a trip.  

He’s been wanting to get back to his roots so when he heard about this place called Camp Whosawolf he got very excited.   Basically, you get matched up with a wolf pack and for one week you eat, drink and sleep as a wolf.

Here’s My Little Timber Wolf aboard his bus headed for Montana to meet his foster pack.

Here he is meeting his foster pack for the first time and greeting them as a wolf.

Notice his stern wolfish expression. He’s feeling pretty dangerous.

He’s always loved the snow. Here he’s keeping up with one of his wolf brothers.

Bringing down a caribou has been a life long dream for my little guy.  He finally got his wish!

My pup was never much of a howler, but on his last day he was feeling very wolfish and he was able to muster a pretty good Ha-ruuu!

When he  got home his was tired, his throat hurt and his farts smelled really weird.  But it was good to have him home.

I am still here.

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Hey there!  I ‘m still here!  I have just been so busy with writing and illustrating a picture book , a young adult book and painting like a mad woman for a show I have in March. 

I will post more soon!