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The Otter.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

New Print!  

I love otters! Last time I went to Morro Bay I got to see a little otter floating on his back eating an abalone.  It’s so cute how they swim after fish, catch them and tear their little fishy faces off. Sigh….

You can find this new print in 3 sizes, 5″x7″, 8″x10″ and 11″x14″ at my Etsy store,

It’s Weasel Time!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

One of my favorite steps in children’s book illustration is charactor design.

First I collected realistic images of weasels. 

 Then I collected cartooned images of weasels. 

I study both to get what I need.

See the weasel circled above?  I really like him but he is not too child friendly. I will save him for my Adult weasel book.

This weasel is suppose to be young.  And you know what that means,  Big Head Time!

Okay, getting close.  The first one looks like an alien, but the second one Pure Magic!

Oh Yah,  almost there.

Adorable and cranky!  Success!

FACT: I took me about 150 sheets of paper to get to the final drawing.  Front and back.

TIP:  Don’t hold back.  Draw EVERY idea that comes into your head.  It doesn’t matter if they’re good or not.  You learn something with each drawing.