September’s Embroidery Pattern! It’s a whale of a tail!


It’s September and you know that means,


It’s time to polish your dorsal fins, shake out your tail flukes and send out those party invitations because it’s almost Blow Hole Day!

My plankton gift to you at this most festive time of year is the pattern Mommy & Baby Whale.

Remember!  Click on the image to get the full size pattern.

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6 Responses to “September’s Embroidery Pattern! It’s a whale of a tail!”

  1. Rachel says:

    Wait- is there really a blow hole day? I’m off to google it right after I add this to my next Embroidery Roundup. I LOVE whales! Thanks so much for this!

  2. dawn says:

    holy crap, that was fast! I’ve no time to make snarky remarks about when the monthly embroidery pattern is coming out.

  3. […] pattern is by Badbird and it’s her September free pattern of the month, which you can find here. I love all of Badbird’s patterns but I personally think there’s something extra […]

  4. nikki says:

    found your site from feeling stitchy! really diggin this pattern!

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