Two Bird Quilt

It’s been a while since I’ve done any needlework.  This piece is not really a quilt.  At least I don’t think it is. You see, it’s doesn’t have any batting.  It just has a top and a bottom.

This piece is a combination of applique and embroidery.  The appplique is hand done with no iron-on webbing.  I believe I used only two embroidery stitches, the running stitch and blanket stitch.

This piece is approx. 20″ x20″.  All layout was done by eye.

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8 Responses to “Two Bird Quilt”

  1. Giddy says:

    it’s beautiful!

  2. Joan says:

    I love it!!!

  3. Annie says:

    cute cute, and done is done. looks like it would make a great pillow.

  4. Beautiful! So inspiring!

  5. Billie says:

    Very pretty! I love it!

  6. dawn says:

    You really are so talented!

  7. jeanne e. says:

    i love this little quilt! love it! it is inspiring me to work on some applique next week while i am on vacation.

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