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Two Bird Quilt

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve done any needlework.  This piece is not really a quilt.  At least I don’t think it is. You see, it’s doesn’t have any batting.  It just has a top and a bottom.

This piece is a combination of applique and embroidery.  The appplique is hand done with no iron-on webbing.  I believe I used only two embroidery stitches, the running stitch and blanket stitch.

This piece is approx. 20″ x20″.  All layout was done by eye.

Happy Chocolate Memory #2: Black Forest Cake from the Madonna Inn

Friday, May 20th, 2011

 PLEASE NOTE:  This post is from foggy childhood memories.  Mistakes on what may of actual occured may be present.

Growing up, like in most families, special times called for special cakes.

Unfortunately, a special cake for us was a store bought sheet cake.  Usually the cake part was not too bad.  But, the frosting was made out of some wierd sweet cement.

On family trips to the coast we would often pass a place called the Madonna Inn. As a child it was the most beautiful building I had ever seen. It was an all wood building painted white with sugary sweet pink trim. On one of these trips we actually stopped at the Inn.

 Let me stop now to go into a little detail about the Madonna Inn. It is legendary in California. It’s probably one of the number one places to stay on a honeymoon. Besides the grandeur of their buildings exterior, what the Madonna Inn is primarily known for is the fearless interior decor. Unlike most lodging establishments that play it safe with their decor, I believe the owners of the Madonna said, “Screw it, lets just go for it!”, and proceeded to decorate the hell out of the inns  interior.

 Please check out the Madonna Inn for yourselves:

 Here you can check out the outrageous decor of each of the Madonna Inns rooms: – My favorite room is #206, the Old Mill room.

 The Madonna Inn is also known for its cakes. When my family entered the Inn’s bakery I beheld the most beautiful, huge cakes I had ever seen. I told my folks right then and there that I wanted a chocolate cake. At the time all they had was Black Forest Cake. I had never had that type of cake before. It sounded suspicious. But it was beautiful. Besides its large size it was covered with chocolate shavings. Much to my horror my folks only bought a slice, which I couldn’t believe they did, because obviously with anything so frickin’ fantastic you MUST buy the whole thing. To my parents credit a single slice would be enough for 6 people being that its size was about half my height.

Like I said, that cake was beautiful. When a slice was removed from the whole cake you could see the three types of frosting/filling in between each layer. One of the fillings was some red stuff that looked like jelly. I had never seen that before. Once again I was suspicious. 

When we got to our final destination it was time to try the cake. (TRUTH TIME: While driving I found that the cake was close enough to me and the wrapper loose enough for me to sneak some of the chocolate shavings off of the cake). I have no idea how we went about cutting into this hunk of cake. But what I do remember is the richest, creamiest frosting I had ever tasted. I mean, you could have just eaten the frosting all by itself. The cake itself was perfection. It was moist and rich. And the filling (chocolate crème, butter crème, and the red jelly stuff) added new dimension to a cake that I never knew existed. 

Since that time I have tried other Black Forest Cakes, but none seem as good the one we got from the Madonna Inn.  I don’t know if it’s because nobody makes  Black Forest Cake as well as Madonna Inn or over that the years my memory has turned that Black Forest Cake into a legend.

Tiger – Released in Smaller Sizes

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Tiger by Andrea Zuill

 I have also released the Tiger print in two different size to handle everyones Tiger needs.

Medium size: edition limited to 200 – $40.00 per print (starting price) – image size: 8″x10″, paper size 13″x8.25″

Small size: edition limited to 200 – $25.00 per print (starting price) – image size: 5×7, paper size 8.5 “x11”

New Print Releases

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

  I am releasing some of my Limited edition prints in smaller sizes. 

Little Red Riding Hood by Andrea Zuill

Snow White and the Usual Suspects by Andrea Zuill

The Blue Bird of Happiness & the Little Red Bird of Crankiness by Andrea Zuill

1.  Little Red Riding Hood

2. Snow White & the Usual Suspects

3. The Blue Bird of Happiness & the Little Red Bird of Crankiness

Medium size:  edition limited to 200  –  $40.00 per print (starting price)  –  image size: 8″x10″, paper size 13″x8.25″

 Small size:  edition limited to 200  – $25.00 per print (starting price)  –  image size: 5×7, paper size 8.5 “x11”


The next prints are NEW Limited Editions

Blue Quail by Andrea Zuill

Laughing Owl by Andrea Zuill

 1. Blue Quail

2. Laughing Owl

Large Size: Edition Limited to 100 – $60.00 per print (starting price) – image size: 11 x14″, paper size: 13″x17″

Medium size:  edition limited to 200  –  $40.00 per print (starting price)  –  image size: 8″x10″, paper size 13″x8.25″

 Small size:  edition limited to 200  – $25.00 per print (starting price)  –  image size: 5×7, paper size 8.5 “x11”


New Open Edition Prints

Mermaid by Andrea Zuill

Sissy by Andrea Zuill

Unicorn by Andrea Zuill

1.  Mermaid

2. Sissy

3. Unicorn

Large Size:  $60.00 per print – image size: 11 x14″, paper size: 13″x17″

Medium size:  $40.00 per print   –  image size: 8″x10″, paper size 13″x8.25″

 Small size:  $25.00 per print   –  image size: 5×7, paper size 8.5 “x11”


You can find all these prints at my Etsy store:

Don’t forget to check out my new store :


Meeting People.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Queen by Michelle

  Since 2006 I have been selling my art on Etsy.   Since 2006 I haven’t met any of the people that purchase my prints in person.


Since last December,  I have been able to meet many of you (at least those of you from Southern California).    I just want to say thank you.  I don’t care if you buy anything or not when you come to the events I’m in  but just seeing you guys does my heart good.

Above is a embroidered piece of art based on one of my prints.  It was done by Michelle.  I got to meet her at the Pink Parlour show a few weeks ago.  Well done Michelle!

Three things that freak out my dog.

Friday, May 13th, 2011

  Let me start by saying that my dog is actually scared of more than three things.  He  is freaky about brooms, weather (rain, wind, thunder, lightning), bubble wrap,  power tools, blenders, hair shears, any beeping coming from a computer, crowds, and the list goes on.  But, there three phobias that I feel define my dog. 

First, Cats in a Box.

My dog is not scared of cats or boxes, but he is scared of cats in boxes.  If you open the box to expose the cat he will look past the cat and search the inside of the box for the “thing that was scary”.    This fear can be transferred to cats in cupboards, behind doors or under blankets.  But a cat in a box is the worst.

Second, Dead Rabbits

We found a dead rabbit while hiking one day.  Most dogs might consider a dead rabbit a great toy.  Other dogs might want to roll around on it (especially if it’s gooey).   My dog’s reaction was his hackles going up and his eyes getting very large.  He was visibly shaken.  I tried to show him that it was okay by poking it with a stick.  All this did was make him shake in terror and put his tail between his legs.  To relieve his terror we continued our hike.  As we walked he kept glancing over his shoulder just to make sure that the rabbit didn’t become reanimated, or something, and follow us. 

Third, Camping.

I thought dogs liked camping.

From the moment we pitched the tent he was giving us a look that said, “Well, that was great.  Can we go home now?”  This look is accompanied by waiting eagerly by the car door.  To be fair, when I first got him out of the car a squirrel crawled down a tree that was behind us and proceeded to yell at my dog and I.  (A squirrel yell is something like a mighty screech).  After I had taken my boy to do his poops and got back to camp, my daughter stated that as she was setting up camp a squirrel came down a tree and yelled at her.  It was funny until my husband came over from getting wood and said that the weirdest thing happened.  A squirrel came down a tree and yelled at him.  I suspect it was the same squirrel in each case.  We stayed on guard the rest of the day. 

The rest of the trip was uneventful.  No squirrel incidents.  But the dog remained shaken.   

As we returned from camping and turned up our street my dog perked up, stood up on his hind legs, stared out all the windows and screamed.  I am NOT kidding.  He actually screamed!  He was home.  He knows his street and his house.  I think that he thought that camping was how we were going to spend the rest of our lives.  I can’t seem to explain to him the concept of vacations.

Note:  If you have any trouble viewing the drawings just click on them to get them at full size.

North Park Festival of Arts

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Unicorn by Andrea Zuill

 This coming weekend is the North Park Festival of Arts.  My booth will be in the  San Diego North Park Craft Mafia area. 

I will also be presenting my new Unicorn print. 

Sunday, May 15th, 10am to 6pm –  At University and 30th Street in San Diego, North Park Area

More info at:

May’s embroidery pattern: Giraffe

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Giraffe by Andrea Zuill - Click on image to get the full size pattern.

Spring is here. 

 Now comes the warm breezes, flowers, and hormonal animals  making  us very aware of nature.  And what animal do you think of most during spring?  The Giraffe!

Have fun!