April’s Embroidery Pattern, Hummingbird Time!

Click on image to get the full size pattern.

 This should be a fun pattern.  It’s a hummingbird of no specific type, but if you want to make it saucy you can say it’s a Lucifer Hummingbird.  That’s a real bird.  Some extremely sharp scientist must of noticed how vicious these guys where and knew the they could not be of heavenly origin. 

Since I have been going to all these art/craft shows I have met a bunch of people that have shared hummingbird stories with me.  Many of  which where close to near death experiences for the humans simply because they forgot to refill the bird feeder.

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7 Responses to “April’s Embroidery Pattern, Hummingbird Time!”

  1. dawn says:

    Yay!! I love hummingbirds and can relate to the near death experience, which reminds me…

  2. Renate says:

    I love it! I bet you could have a series of bird embroidery patterns! I would totally buy in a second. ( *??´)

  3. Rachel says:

    FINALLY a hummingbird sitting still! I love that you depicted him this way. I have a few that divebomb me in the garden. Grr! I’ll be linking, thanks so much!

  4. Cazz says:

    I really love your work. It’s simplicity and it’s attitude.

    I’ve used bat boy in a quilted folder cover and I intend to put Gnome and mushrooms on a mug I’m making in pottery. Thank you.

  5. Marybeth Megel says:

    thankyou so very much for these sweet free patterns! :-)

  6. Bean Bell says:

    I made this pattern tonight! http://everydaycritter.blogspot.com/2011/06/andrea-zuills-hummingbird.html

    I added some sequins and beads to it. I have had a real hummingbird buzz my head :)

  7. ????? ?????? says:

    thankyou so very much for these sweet free patterns!

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