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Upcoming Art Events: San Diego Artwalk, Unique LA and North Park Festival of Arts

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Here are the next 3 art / craft events I will be participating in:

Little Italy, San Diego
April 30 & May 1, 2011 • 11 AM – 6PM • FREE Admission

At the N.P Festival of Arts I will be with the San Diego North Park Craft Mafia.

Click on a festival above to get you to their website.

Happy Chocolate Memories – #1 Easter

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

My family isn’t religious, so Easter at my childhood home was about candy. . .  Oh, and the Easter Bunny, of course, But mainly it was the candy.

My folks would fill our baskets with an obscene amount of goodies.

For me the best thing in my basket was the chocolate rabbit.

The basket would include M&M’s and foil covered chocolate eggs.  Unfortunately, there would also be Peeps and Jelly Beans.  Peeps and jelly beans are just plain sugar.  NO chocolate what-so-ever.  In my world candy is good ONLY if it contains chocolate. 

On the Chocolate Rabbit there was a small sugar tablet eye. Who would put such an impurity on a thing as lovely as a Chocolate Rabbit?  It was a horrible single, yellow & blue staring eye. (For some reason, the whites on our chocolate rabbits eyes where yellow where the white should be.)


  I would give all my peeps, jelly beans and rabbit eyes to my little sister.  As much as I liked chocolate she liked sugar.  Pure old white sugar.  If we had Oreos, she would lick the filling out of the center and hand me over the two remaining chocolate cookies.  At birthday parties her favorite part of the cake was the frosting flowers.  We’re not talking GOOD frosting flowers, but the heavy, way-too-sweet, nasty frosting flowers.  After the party if there was any cake left any remaining frosting flowers would mysteriously disappear.

At restaurants she would suck on sugar packets.


The preparation and eating of a chocolate Easter rabbit was important to me.  Instead of eating the rabbit right away I would stick it in the refrigerator.   I wouldn’t eat it until it was rock hard.


Being hard as a rock,  it would take several munching sessions to finish the rabbit.  Easter wasn’t officially over until the last of the rock hard rabbit was eaten.


Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I don’t understand the new look in boobs.   I saw a show about male rock-stars and their wives.  All of the wives had had boob jobs.  I got the feeling that one thing these wives didn’t worry about when getting the augmentation done was looking natural.    I call this look the Swollen Utter Look.

Unintentional Storage

 Having large boobs has hidden risks.  I don’t know how many times I’ve taken off my bra at night to find that I have been collecting food in my cleavage.   Finding cheese in the cleavage is pretty gross.   Chocolate in your cleavage melts like crazy and creates a mess.  Popcorn is not too bad because when you discover it later you can just eat it.

The Gap

 Button down shirts are a problem.  Basic Issue: if it  fits the body, then it doesn’t fit the boobs, and vice versa.

Thin and floppy

 After weight loss your breast look like two, half empty, sad, sand bags.

Putting your two, half empty, sad, sand bags into your bra is tough.  It takes both compression and a series of origami folds to get them into your bra cup.  You also have to be aware of your nipples.  If you aren’t careful they will make your boobs look googly eyed.

Martha Mood, fiber artist.

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I was up in Monterey, Ca, this last weekend.  I visited the local library and found a book about a fiber artist I had never heard of. 

Her name is Martha Mood.   I actually don’t know that much about her since I spent more time looking over her amazing art than reading her bio.

She was a sculpter and a weaver.  But, she was best known for her fiber tapestries.

After looking them over in detail I believe that they are made up  with appliqued fabric and embroidery.  Her embroidery is painterly.  Her applique techniques appear to be needle turned and raw edge.  The over all impression of her work is loose and alive. 

I wasn’t able to find many images of her work.  But I did notice some of her work at different auction houses.  There is a book about her called, The Sublime Heritage of Martha Mood: The Story of Martha Mood, her Stitcheries, and the Tapestries Woven From Her Stitchery Designs (Volume I).  This book is out of print but you never know when a used copy will show up on Amazon.

A new Etsy store! Grrr, said the Bear.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Click on this banner to go directly to my store.

Bear by Andrea Zuill

I don’t know.  I think the older I get the cuter I get.  Well, not me personally, but my art is at an all time high cuteness level.   I’ve opened a new store on Etsy called , Grrr, said the Bear.

It’s kind of storybook -ish, full of forest animals.   So, please check it out:

Frollicing Fawn by Andrea Zuill

April’s Embroidery Pattern, Hummingbird Time!

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Click on image to get the full size pattern.

 This should be a fun pattern.  It’s a hummingbird of no specific type, but if you want to make it saucy you can say it’s a Lucifer Hummingbird.  That’s a real bird.  Some extremely sharp scientist must of noticed how vicious these guys where and knew the they could not be of heavenly origin. 

Since I have been going to all these art/craft shows I have met a bunch of people that have shared hummingbird stories with me.  Many of  which where close to near death experiences for the humans simply because they forgot to refill the bird feeder.

Palm Springs Desert Art Festival: This Weekend!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Laughing Owl by Andrea Zuill

Hi everyone,  I will be at the Palm Springs Desert Art Festival this coming weekend.  That’s the whole weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.

Here is the location:

Frances Stevens Park, 538 N. Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

This festival is FREE to get into. 

Hope to see you there!