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Voting Reminder

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Vote for Magpie!

Just a reminder to vote for me everyday until March 11, 2011 if you want my Magpie design for the official San Diego Artwalk T-Shirt.

Link to vote: , I’m at the very bottome, the last one of the list.  Damn the Zuill name!

Salvation Mountain, part II

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Entrance to the Museum

 For me, Salvation Mountain is in two parts.  There is the “mountain”  and then there is the museum.    The Museum is currently unfinished.

The Hogan

 To the left of the  museum entrance is the hogan.  Like the rest of the mountain the inside of the hogan is decorated with house paint designs and bible verses.  Also, there are several trophies.  The trophies are for Leonard’s cars.  They have been entered into art car shows.

Another room.

 Next to the hogan is another room.  It’s much more visually quiet.  It feels very ancient. 

Another view of the museum.

 This is another shot of the exterior of the museum.  I liked all the little windows.

The museum.

 Inside the museum is this old recliner.  It looks like the one in my living room.

Tunnel inside the museum area.

 Leonard calls these pillars “trees”.  They support the ceiling or what there is of it.

The museum will have a domed ceiling when finished.

American Folk Art Plaque.

 The Folk Art Society of American has made Salvation Mountain a National Folk Art Site.

Salvation Mountain

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Salvation Mountain, Niland, CA

 Sometimes things in your own back yard get over looked.    If you’ve read my blog for a while you know that I love outsider art and I have blogged about outsider environments.   Salvation Mountain is little over an hour and a half from my home.  Today I finally visited the mountain.

I’m not going to give you a history of the mountain. I will leave that for Salvation Mountains own website.  I will give my personal impressions.

Salvation Mountain is just a couple miles outside of Niland, CA.  When we visited it was a clear sunny winter day and you could see the mountain just a few seconds after exiting Niland.  Salvation Mountain has been painted on the side of a ridge that sticks out of the desert floor.  The road is  paved pretty much right up to the mountain.  There is a “parking lot” at the bottom of the mountain. 

It’s very casual at the mountain.  No signs with rules.  It’s seems that you can go anywhere you want.

Several cars were already there when we arrived.  Leonard, the creator, was there talking to people.  Before I had a chance to talk to him he jumped into a car driven by friends and headed to the Niland.  Leonard is getting up in years.   I got the feeling that some of the people walking around there where helpers for Leonard. I think that he is taken care of by a number of people.  

There where a lot of children climbing the mountain.  When you walk on the surface it it felt kind of squishy.   The structure is made of a foundation of mud and straw which is  then painted over with latex paint.  Is it safe to climb on?  I haven’t a clue.  I hiked up it only about half way.

Everyday people bring left over paint for Leonard to carry on with this art.

The size of the mountain is fantastic, but what got me was the color.

Looking down from halfway up the mountain.

 This is the view from half way up the mountain looking down at the “parking lot”.

To be continued. . .


Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Little Owl by Andrea Zuill

  About 150 years ago I used to do a lot of watercolor paintings.  In an attempt to relive my youth I am again doing watercolors.    The above painting, Little Owl,  is now for sale at my Etsy store:

The Mischief Quilt

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Mischief Quilt Detail

  In this months issue of Selvedge magazine (Jan/Feb 2011), on pages 78 and79, they have a small article about a display of Red and White Quilts at the American Museum of Folk Art in NY.    There is something very striking about a red and white quilt. 

Vortex Quilt, United States, 1890-1910

Seeing this article made me think that I wanted to do a red/white quilt.    Using the techique from my last tutorial, I made a small, 20″x20″, quilt that I call The  Mischief Quilt.

The character in the middle is a imp, not Old Scratch.

The only embroidery I used is the blanket stitch around the edges of the applique. 

The Mischief Quilt by Andrea Zuill

 Like always, this quilt is totally hand quilted and took about 4 days to complete (not working solid, but on and off).

San Diego Artwalk – Please vote for me!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Magpie by Andrea Zuill

   I really need every one’s help.    I need your vote.  It’s not like I ask that much from you,  just complete adulation and the buying  of tons artwork  that you may or may not need.  But this time it’s different.  I am participating in the San Diego Artwalk.   I was just notified that my image (see the magpie above)  is in the running for being on all the events t-shirts. 

I really want this people, I really really want this.   But I can only do this with your help (small tear running down my cheek ) . 

What will you get out of this?  Well, uh,  hum. . .  I know,  you’ll be my best friend!  Now isn’t that awesome?!

Here is where you can vote:  .  You can vote once a day through March 11th, 2011. 

I know I can count on you.

Buns Galore is on the cover of San Diego CityBeat magazine!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Buns Galore

Your favorite tart and mine is on the cover of this weeks issue of San Diego CityBeat magazine.   It’s their sex issue.  Behold the raw sexuality that is Buns Galore.

You can see her online at:

There is also a picture of me.  After some fancy photographic angles and extensive photo-shopping I don’t look that bad.

The Caterpillar, the third print in my Alice in Wonderland print series.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The Caterpillar by Andrea Zuill


I would like to introduce the third print in my Alice on Wonderland series, the Caterpillar.  I don’t know why but I keep wondering what he would look like squished.

You can see all three prints in this series in my Etsy store:

You can also see all 3 Wonderland prints at El Take it Easy,  TOMORROW!  

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