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Sale on my everything in my Etsy Badbird store!

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

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THIS SALE RUNS FROM  DEC. 29TH THRU JAN. 1ST, at  “midnight”.

Caga Tio

Friday, December 24th, 2010

My blog post on the cute fairytale buildings in Carmel is not going to be the last post of the year.  I have discovered something totally awesome that I have to share right now! 

First of all,  what I am about to tell you is completely true and not something made up for South Park.  I swear that this Christmas tradition rivals Krumpus in shear weirdness.

Join me in welcoming, with millions of  Catalonians,  the Poop Log or Caga Tio.

Caga Tio

The tradition of Caga Tio is very old.  Yet the name Caga Tio is a more recent phenomenon.  I’m not going into the ancient origins but here is how the modern tradition is played out.

First,  find or buy a log to be Caga Tio.  If you buy your log you can get one with the face of Elvis or even Spongebob if you wish.  Going the more traditional route you can search the woods for your own special Caga Tio.  Second, wrap your log in blanket to keep him warm and to gather strength.  For a week, feed him yummies so he will grow strong.   And he will need all his strength because on Christmas Eve you are going to beat the crap out of him.  No, I am not joking.

God, they look so happy.

Caga Tio, still wrapped in his blanket, is beaten with sticks by little children, while singing this song –

Poop log,
poop turrón,
hazelnuts and cottage cheese,
if you don’t poop well,
I’ll hit you with a stick,
poop log!

After beating the Caga Tio, the blanket is lifted to reveal treats.

Here is a great video that shows how the whole Caga Tio thing happens-

I swear I didn’t make this up.

Last blog of the year.

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

On California’s Northern coast there is a fairytale town.

Each building looks like a cobbler or a candy maker should be hard at work inside.

Actually, there was a candy maker hard at work inside this building.  He was making fudge.

I mean they REALLY went out of their way to fairtale the place up.

Even their advertising was precious.  Humm, let me guess, I bet they sell  blue and white porcelain.

When does a town decide that they should be adorable?   And, when does a town decides that adorable for them is fairytale houses?

Then, as if  to say their town went too far into cute,  they elect Dirty Harry as their mayor.

It’s all a fine balance Carmel.

Badbird & Doom Girl Magnets!

Monday, December 20th, 2010

New Magnets!

I can’t believe I almost forgot to blog about this!  I now have magnets!  

They look even better in person than they do in this photograph.   You can check them out at:

Gift Tags

Friday, December 17th, 2010

     Well,  it’s almost the big night.  I really wanted to create new Christmas tags this year but, well,  life got in the way.  I hope you still enjoy the tags.  Maybe, just maybe, next year I’ll design some new ones for Christmas 2011.  Cross your fingers. I’m not promising anything. 

Click on the tags to get the full size image.

If you are coming to the Craft Show tonight…

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

The address is 3926 30th Street!!!!

The flyer says University Ave, but IT IS NOT.  Sorry for the mix-up. But if you are on the way and are driving around on University Avenue just head towards the West, cross the 805 freeway, and in a couple more blocks turn right on 30th and find a parking spot somewhere (it is a bit crowded down here right now – there seems to be a lot of fun stuff going on nearby) – you should be able to find a spot within a block or so.

If you Google for “El Take It Easy, San Diego, CA” it should get you there.

See ya here!

Current list of vendors for the Craft Mafia Last Minute Holiday Sale.

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Zombie Rabbits by Andrea Zuill 

And yes, the Zombie Rabbits will be there.

Last Minute Holiday Shopping!

Monday, December 13th, 2010
I will be participating  in this Last Minute Holiday Shopping with the North Park Craft Mafia at El Take it Easy.   A couple weeks ago I went to El Take it Easy and had a bite to eat and it was fantastic!  I am hoping to post all the vendors at this get together a little later.  I hope to see you there!
Okay – We fixed the address: