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Bunch O’ Chickens.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

New prints at my Etsy store, Badbirds.

 New poultry prints at my Etsy store,

You’re such a card.

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Go-Go Paperarts

 I was visiting San Diego today and I stopped by a fantastic little shop called, The Grove.   I was looking though their yarn, books, crafts and fabrics when I came upon on a lady working in a little nook up to her eyeballs in papery goodness.

Go-Go Paperarts

 Her name is Jo Madden and she is Go-Go Paper Arts, located in The Grove.   I don’t work with paper myself but I can see how there can be a addition similar to a fabric addiction.  Jo had all kinds of fun stuff that she uses to create her cards.

Go-Go Paper Arts creator, Jo Madden

I was drawn to her cards featuring little birds.  Her birds weren’t cranky, but I’ll forgive her.

Go-Go Paper Arts

 She had quite a few dog cards which I almost bought, but then I spotted some birthday gift cards and I snatch ALL of them up.

Go-Go Paper Arts

 See that pink bag (kind of in the middle & a little to the left).  Jo has been making bags but she is having a fight with the pink paper.  It’s not cooperating.  I believe the paper is evil.  I hope Jo wins.

Go-Go Paper Arts

 If you are in San Diego try to stop by The Grove and visit the lady in the back having a knock-down drag-out fight with some very evil pink paper.

Jo Madden:

The Grove 3010 Juniper Street, San Diego, CA / (619) 284-7684

Candy Star Quilt

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

As most of you know, one of my favorite quilt artists is Silly Boodilly.   Her Work Quilts are my favorites. Not only are her designs wonderful but so is her choice of fabric. 

I tend to be pretty basic when it comes to cloth, but I love the cloth in Boodilly’s quilts so much that I decided to purchase some for myself.  The fabric that she uses is Shot Cotton.  The warp and weft of shot cotton are two different thread colors which adds depth to solid fabrics.  I bought a small selection Kaffe Fasset Shot Cotton quite a while ago at Harts Fabric, in Santa Cruz, CA.  I just didn’t know what to make with the fabric.

I decide to try a  a small quilt using the Shot Cotton.

This quilt is very small, approx. 20″ x20″.  Similar to paper collage, I just cut out shapes, layed them out until I was happy, then stitched them onto  the foundation fabric.

For this quilt I didn’t want raw edges so I needle turned the edges and appliqued the shapes to the background.

Everything on this quilt is hand done.  The Shot Cotton became very soft and slightly aged after one washing.  I really like that. I want my work to look handmade and the Shot Cotton helped with that look.

I think I might sell this quilt.

PS- Check out the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine (October/November 2010) .  The Silly Boodilly (aka Victoria Gertenback)  has a article on how to make Boro Bobbles, which she makes using scraps of Shot Cotton.

I call them as I bury ’em. Or, the Columbarium.

Friday, October 15th, 2010
Neptune Society Columbarium, San Francisco, CA

 First of all, I love to visit cemeteries. 

 Second, after discovering the existence of the Neptune Society Columbarium in San Francisco, about 10 years ago, I have visited it about 7 times.

Neptune Society Columbarium, San Francisco, CA

 The Columbarium is open for visitors.  During my last visit there was a memorial service going on.  The grounds keeper told us to go ahead and enter the building, go to left and up the stairs.  The interior of the building is a series of balconies with the center of the columbarium left open.  The further up you go the lower the ceiling is, which gives it a cave like feeling.

Friendly neighborhood columbarium.

 In 1902 the city of San Francisco put a stop to the selling of burial plots.  In 1920, remains in various San Francisco cemetries where moved to Colma, CA.  Here are some of the reasons that I have heard, but can’t substantiate, that the cemeteries where closed and bodies removed. 

1.  The various cemetaries in San Francisco where considered a health hazard in the highly populated city.  The Columbarium survived because the above ground ashes didn’t create a health problem.

2. Claiming health reason, but really wanting more real estate, the city declared the cemetaries  unhealthful.  The Columbarium was a loop hole that the city couldn’t call a hazard so it remains.

I bit of Lore I have heard:

1. Lots of ghost. One of the care takers at the columbarium has taken on the job of  being the keeper of legends for the building. I believe he has been interviewed many times.

2.  Because many people could not afford to reinter their deceased family members in Colma there where many bodies left behind in the old cemeteries.

3.  Sloppy or fraudulent reinterment practices meant that in the grounds around the columbarium some of the deceased, or at least parts of the decease, never made the move to Colma.

4.  When the present houses around the columbarium where being constructed, construction crews would often come across human bones.

5. Current residents often find bones when gardening or putting in new pools.

Looking across from the second level.

 It’s hard to tell from photographs, but the columbarium feels very real and special when you are inside.


 Some of the niches are covered with plaques, but the are quite a few niches that have glass coverings that let you see what the families have left with the ashes of their loved ones.  I like looking at the variety of items.  They tell stories of who the people where that are now at home in the columbarium. 

One of many Stain Glass windows.

 Lots of beautiful stained glass.  I couldn’t get many photo’s of the windows because of the memorial service.


 A Victorian niche with a metal cover.


 I believe the urn in the above niche is for a former member of the BOF, The Benevolent Order of Foresters.

A niche not yet repaired.

 With every visit to the columbarium I see new repairs.  This Victorian niche has not been repaired.


 It’s getting harder to find cemeteries that allow the loved ones of the deceased to creatively express their feelings with decorations and artifacts, but the columbarium does.

 Come and visit.  Each niche tells a story.

Note – I didn’t photograph modern niches.  Even though the displays in each niche give you the feeling that the families want you to read and know their deceased loved ones I decided not to present these images.   Please visit and enjoy the creativity and love expressed in each niche.

I almost forgot.  There is a part of the bay where large blocks where used to shore up a bit of the shoreline.  If you look closely at the blocks you’ll discover that the blocks are actually broken up headstones from the 1920 removal of the dead for reinterment.

Stitched by Hand Competition

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Hi Everyone,  I have just gotten back from my trip and I thought I would jump right into posting a  proper blog for the participaants of the Stitched By Hand Competition.

Now, I was going to post all the info regarding the pieces in my blog but I decided to just let you click onto the images which will take you right to Flickr.  There  you will get all the details and larger photo’s of each of the pieces.  Many of the pieces also have posted more than one image of their work.

Each winner has won $40.00 worth of patterns from my store and gets to choose one of my $20.00 prints from one of my two Etsy stores.

Here are the winners of the Stitched By Hand Competition, please click on the images to see the work  full size.

Hand Embroidery:

I Think We Should See Other Monsters by Robyn Enz

Hand Stitched/Mixed Media Fiber:

Snail Keyring by J.Lancer, Lacerslife

Machine Stitching and Quilting:

Caterpillar Bag by Kris, Tiggerish

Non Tradition Materials:

Slow Life with Snail by Dawn Rogal

Here are the other participants of the competition:

Hand Embroidery 

Angry Bird by Angie, Glazedangel 101

Protective Coloration by fjorlief

Spring Pixie by Kris

Ollie the Gentleman Octopus by Lauren Carroll

Poppy's Pumpkin Girl by xperimentl

Hidden Feed Sack Buffalo by Joanna Tharp

Dutch Kids by Dutch Kids

Hand Stitched / Mixed Media Fiber

Lost in the Mist by Joey's Dream

 Machine Stitching and Quilting


Welcome Gnome by Cate, 23rd Spiral

Octobunny & Lil' Mermaid Share a Dance by Umzavi

Non Tradition Materials

Pumpkin Girl by Gilda del La Garza

 Lastly, Since everyone did a great job, thus making my job harder,  I decide to give everyone in the competition  a 4″x6″ print of their choice.  Except the winners, you greedy gooses. 

 PARTICIPANTS:  Please Contact me for your choice in prizes!  I almost forgot!  For the I will make any $20.00 print into a 4″x6″ print for all the participants.


And the winners are…

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

First of all, you guys are going to have to forgive me.  I am currently in a campground that happens to have the net.  The reason I am up here is because I suddenly had to go to a funeral.  I am kind of poor right now so that is how the camping came into the picture. (it’s about 92 degress right now and it’s night time!)

I am going to list the winners, but when I get home I will do a much more appropriate blog article about the winners and all who participated.  That article should come out on Tues. 

Also,  I have a extra surpise for EVERYONE that entered the competition!

Here we go:

Hand Embroidery: Robyn Enz, I Think We Should See Other Monsters

Hand stitched fabric/fiber and mix media: J Lancer, Snail Keyring

Machine: Kris, Caterpillar Bag

Nontraditional: Dawn Rogal, Slow Life w/Snail

  This competition was very hard to judge.  I know all judges say that but, well,  look at the work!  That is why I want to give everyone involved a special gift for entering.

Also, so I stop feeling guilty.