Mother’s Day Gift Tags.


Click Here for printable tags:  Doom Girl Gift Tags

Your Mom knows you where a brat.  There is nothing to be a shamed of.  We all went thought it.  You can use my gift tags to embellish your gift of appeasement ( Mothers Day Gift) for your Mom who had to live through your brat phase.  Besides,  your Mom was a brat once too. 

ps – You might want to think about giving Mom a extra great gift considering that your head was the of a watermelon.

14 Responses to “Mother’s Day Gift Tags.”

  1. Giddy99 says:

    Thanks; you ROCK. p.s. Years ago, I found a Mother’s Day card that read, “Happy Mother’s Day… From I-Didn’t-Do-It” My mom loved that card.


  2. dawn says:

    What a treat! I love your Doom Girl series! I have a few little gifts ready for my mom so these will be great to use.

  3. Diane says:

    I think that you are very clever.

  4. Nicole says:

    These are too great! Thank you!

  5. Nancy J says:

    So doggone cute. Love the “attitude”.

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  7. Kim Kelter says:

    Thank you so much for your article. We enjoyed reading it! Would you like to be guest writer for my blog?

  8. Rachel says:

    Ooh these are fabulous! I love them! Thanks so much, I’m going to use these for everything. I’ll be linking as well.

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  10. polwig says:

    Thank you so much for these awesome gift tags.

  11. Dees says:

    Thank you soooooo much:)They are toooooo cute!You cracked me up big time with that watermelon remark!

  12. utreviolet says:

    Your gift tags are the cutest thing ever! Writing your mother a special poem for Mother’s Day would be really great idea. It will last forever, not take up much space and be a one of a kind gift. If you feel this is just beyond you creativity wise, why not engage a Real professional poet and collaborate on your poem…I have a link here to one I really enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day

  13. This is the best Pepsidealever….

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