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February’s Embroidery Pattern

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

 Free pattern time!  How many of you guessed that this Be Mine was February’s free pattern? (see previous article)  Due to extreme laziness I wasn’t about to do two Valentine patterns so I got double useage from this design.

As always, click on the pattern below to get the full size image.



Transfer-Eze, a new product for embroidery.

Friday, January 29th, 2010

   I was reading the magazine Quilt Mania and I came across a new embroidery product called Transfer Eze.  With Transfer Eze you can put a sheet into your computer (like a normal sheet of paper) and print your embroidery pattern.  Once this is done you peel that backing material off then stick the film, with the image, onto your fabric. When you finish stitching your design you use cold water to get rid of the film, leaving just your stitching and fabric. 

   Here is my step by step on using Transfer Eze and the results.

  Using my regular, cheap HP printer I printed my design onto the Transfer Eze.


  I peeled off the backing paper and stuck the image on 100 % cotton muslin fabric.  The Transfer Eze was easy to apply. As you can see I didn’t iron my fabric and the film adhered very nicely.


  Printing on the Transfer Eze was very easy and left a nice, dark and clear pattern.  Transfer Eze feels like a paper fabric.


  No problem putting the fabric and the Trans. Eze into my hoop.  The Trans. Eze feels like having your fabric applied to a stabilizer.


  Very little trouble with stitching.  There is some extra resistance  but probably not much different than using a stabilizer.  I have major carpel tunnel and stitching with Trans. Eze didn’t bother me a bit.


  You can see the texture of the Trans. Eze in this photo.   I tend to manhandle my work so I was glad to find that I had no lifting or releasing of the Trans. Eze while stitching.


  Completed stitched design with Trans. Eze still attached to fabric.



After stitching, peel and cut away extra Trans. Eze. 


  Lastly, after clipping the extra Trans. Eze off I soaked my fabric in cold water.  The directions states that it takes 5 to 10 minutes to remove the film, but it dissolved much faster on my project.

The only problem I had with Transfer Eze is that Trans. Eze film was like having a very thin spacer between the stitching and fabric. When I removed the film my stitches weren’t as tight as I would like to be.  I believe I could improve the tension of my stitches with practice.   Maybe this tension problem happens with stabilizers too?  I just don’t know. 

Remember, if you try Transfer Eze practice on a sample first.  The results I had may not be the same for everyone and every fabric.

The only place I could find Transfer Eze was at Original Creations Quilt Shop.  Here is their info.:

Original Creations Quilt Shop, 16863 Highline Blvd., Cut and Shoot, TX, 77306

phone: 956-491-5650


Website:  ,  Their website is a little hard to use.  If you click on Transfer Eze it doesn’t take you anywhere. 


The dog house.

Friday, January 29th, 2010

  There are a lot of houses like this one in San Francisco.  It’s rare to have buildings any older because of the great eathquake of 1906.  I believe one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco is Mission Dolores.  Mission Dolores was founded in 1776.

  One thing you will notice about San Francisco is that everyone has a dog or two.    You can find dog culture everywhere here.  Take a look at the house above.  Notice the Labs decorating this victorian? (click on picture to see better)


Valentine Maiden

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

  Another common image for vintage valentine cards is Native Americans.  The maiden in my paintings is pretty pouty, but on vintage cards they are usually quite gleeful handling tom -a- hawks and hearts.

Be MIne…. 

Galleri Urbanein Marfa, TX

Opening Feb. 12th, 2010



More from Cliff’s Variety.

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

  I bought one of these egg cups for my friend Jean.  She is famous for her Chicken Chaple , as seen on HGTV.

  I don’t use feathers, but I need to buy these feathers.  I mean, how can anyone resist cups and cups of colorful feathers????

  It’s a love rat, perfect for that special someone. 

Demon Valentine

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

  Do you know how many vintage valentines showcase a devil?   Tons!  And it’s always a female demon!  What’s up with that? 

Well, for me, it’s a cool idea for a painting.

Galleri Urbane

The mystery of the missing craft store & Cliff’s Variety.

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

  The Craft store my Daughter and I was looking for is Thoughtful Crafts.  Here is what I think went wrong.  We used my Husbands iphone to look up Crafts and that is how we found Thoughtful Craft.  We should have gone the next step of looking at Thoughtful Craft’s website.  Don’t laugh, but they are a graphic design company.  I just found that out by googling their name.

  But,  we did find Cliff’s Variety  store.  Right in the middle of Castro is this wonderful store.  Cliff’s is part hardware store, gift store, toy store and craft store.  It’s the kind of place where you can get salt and pepper shakers but not just any s&p shakers. They have them in bunny form, penguin form, and bear shaped.  They also have wigs.  Wall decals.  Stain remover. And very surprised puffer fish.

  Do you want some unusual ceral bowls?  They have these bunny and monkey bowls at Cliff’s.  Besides being cute these bowls are plastic.  I like this because I tend to break things.

Galleri Urbane

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

 Here is another painting for my show at Galleri Urbane in Marfa, TX