May’s Embroidery Pattern, a Wee Baby Goat

  Okay, so I almost forgot this months pattern.  I give  thanks to that “special” someone who reminded me by stating, “Where’s the pattern.  I want my free pattern”.

So imagine if you will, a pencil frantically sketching page after page until the artist yells, “Aha, I’ve got it”. Next, imagine this same artist, a middle aged somewhat plump woman, running at full speed toward her scanner.  Sliding into her seat she places her drawing into the scanner, then calls up her scanner program on her computer, hits scan, and waits as she watches the scanner begin to glow in anticipation as it discovers what next wonder of art it is about digest.  

Through a process that can only be described as “magic” the artist finds that she is able to upload her newest and edgiest artwork into her Illustrator program.  With the precision of a surgeon the artist uses the pencil function in her Illustrator program to draw onto her earth shatteringly artistic masterpiece.  Erasing the orginal drawing, what is left is nothing short amazing. 

With the edition of some magical symbols that are placed at the upper left hand and lower right hand corner of her work she feels secure that evil forces will think twice about doing something naughty with her artwork.   Now the art is ready.  The only step left is to introduce her newest piece to the world through her blog. 

So,  I would like to introduce to you the embroidery pattern called, “Wee Baby Goat”.

I hope you are happy.

ps- Remember to click on the art to get the full size image.

13 Responses to “May’s Embroidery Pattern, a Wee Baby Goat”

  1. B. Campbell says:

    What a nice original pattern. I feel somewhat compelled to work on this one soon.

    Good luck on your paintings for the upcoming show. Remember, pressure makes diamonds :)

  2. Adorable! I might have to actually get my embroidery stuff out of hiding and stitch this one onto something for my daughter who is currently obsessed with goats (not sure why unless it’s from listening to The Billy Goats Gruff).

  3. You are a hoot!
    Thanks for taking time out to generously provide something to keep our idle hands from being the devil’s playground! Or is that workshop? anyway- I am supposed to be redoing the tut on fabric roses because I had several emails from folks who just didn’t get it! sometimes it feels like getting pecked to death by chickens, but in a good way, I suppose.
    so bawk! (**) and thank you for the wee goat! he is bewitching!

  4. […] blog has posted her free embroidery pattern for this month, and it will tug your heartstrings. Get her Wee Baby […]

  5. hannita says:

    Cabrito – delicious and cute! (I’m sure that is in terrible taste, yet entirely true)

  6. Auntieloveskitsch says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Thank you.

  7. Rachel says:

    AWW! That is so, so sweet, I love him! I’ll be linking.

  8. wanetha says:

    ALL of your illustrations are magical! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Molly B. says:

    Sweet! Thanks so much for always posting such great patterns. You’re awesome!!

  10. manuela says:

    Thanks so much for your fabulous patterns!

  11. Shawkl says:

    Just found your sight…having a great time checking out all the cool things.

    Would really appreciate some help with illustrator…long story…but I inherited it, and use it to do my CQ stitches (on my blog)…but am intrigued by your post…can you spare a few minutes (I promise I’m not a pest)…for a fellow artist of the needle art type?

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