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Things that Freak me out.

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Here are four things that freak me out.


Young white man with beard 1.) Young, white, skinny, short haired guys that have freaky thick lushous beards.  These are the kind of guys that in all logic should have wispy peach fuzz, but they have bushy chin ‘fro’s.


jerusalem cricket  2.)  Jerusalem Crickets, a very alien bug.  For the whole creep-out effect google them and behold the horror. 


avocado3.)  The saddest of the freak outs.  One serving of Avocado is just two tablespoons.  How in the H*LL am I suppost to eat corn chips!


grub   4. )  Grubs as food.  I don’t care how much protein they have, yuck!  Do you think they pop when you crunch down on them?


Stitch until it hurts.

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Cowgirl Embroidery by Andrea Zuill After 4 hours solid of stitching, the first part of the Cowgirl Quilt is almost done.  I kind of like it.  She is about 18 inches high.  The outlines are black embroidery thread and the shading is a dark grey thread.

My fingers are hurting.

Cowgirl Embroidery by Andrea Zuill

Starting with a idea. Cowgirl quilt.

Monday, January 5th, 2009

 Inspired by having art shows in Marfa, Texas, I have been wanting to do a cowgirl quilt.  In this quilt I wanted to combine my older sketch style embroidery.   First I created a sketch, then scanned it into the computer.

  Using illustrator I traced a line drawing on top of the sketch image.  Sometimes I don’t do this step, but I wanted to design the whole quilt on the computer.  This is something that I don’t always do.  It all depends of the mood that I am in.

  In addition to the embroidered sketch I wanted to add appliqued flowers.  This design is not the final design.  I will make changes as I create the quilt.  I have discovered that what might look good on the computer doesn’t always look good in real life.   

I still have questions about this quilt design, such as will I bring any color embroidery into the cowgirl portrait or will I leave it just black stitching?   Should the background fabric be a print or a solid?  I am pretty sure I want the soft colored applique to be prints, but do I really?  Should it have a border? 

The style of flowers and leaves I am using is loosely based on Athabascan bead work.  If you don’t know what Athabascan bead work is, look it up.  It is beautiful.


Stitching away with monthly free patterns.

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Heart & Dagger by SewSugarySweet :



Christmas Penguin by bcampbell_to :



Pumpkin Girl by daisieslalaland(Dees) :




Rabbit Queen by fiolinn :


Mermaid by iminaliceswonderland:



Birds & flowers by spinstersister:



Love Bear by Summerdisney :


Love Bears by Wendeth:


January’s Embroidery Pattern

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

    This months free pattern.  Sorry it’s a little late!

Click on image to get the full size.

Arctic Bird of Paradise

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

   New print!  Arctic Bird of Paradise.  Check it out at my Etsy store: