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More Bird Greeting Cards

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

  More greeting cards are in!  Check them out at my Etsy store:

A Round Robin. A very Round Robin.

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

  New print.  You know it had to be done.  With words like round and robin floating around together for so long.   I just had to do it.  I think it’s a law.

Check it out at my Etsy store:

Adam and Eve, a quilt.

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

  I have alway wanted to create a Adam and Eve quilt.  My design is very much in the folk art style. 

  The finished quilt will be close to 50″ X 50″ .  It will be done in sections to to make it easier to work on.  When the embroidery is done on all pieces they will be stitch together.  I learned this technique from reading about vintage quilts. 

  The Adam and Eve figures I made on the cubby side, just for fun.  You can’t really tell from this photo though.

  The serpent is my favorite part so far.

Angry Bird greeting cards

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

For a long time now I have been wanting to offer greeting cards.  I’ve finally took the plunge.

This image is Angry Bird, which is one of my best selling art prints.  I am selling them in sets of 8, including envelopes. 

Check them out at my Etsy store:


Some Christmases are scarier than others.

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Painting by William Holbrook Beard

When my daughter was little the idea of Santa Claus terrified her.  A large fat stranger, breaking into our house sounded suspicious to her, even after we explained that he would, in fact, be leaving presents not stealing them.  We decided to tell her that Santa was not real, but a fun pretend character.   When we would shop at the mall for presents, she would ask to see Santa, but only if we could do it by looking down two stories from the upper level balconies.  And yes, we did explain that the mall Santa was just a nice guy pretending to be St. Nick.  She wasn’t buying it.

Illustration by Thomas Nast

On one Christmas morning  she came to our room and asked if Santa had come.  “No”, we said, “Santa is not not real.  Your Father and I put the presents under the tree”.   “Well, I’m not going down there until you check that Santa isn’t in our house”, she said.  My husband went down stairs and gave the “All Clear” signal.  She still went down the stairs slowly just in case she would turn the corner on our staircase and see Santa standing in our living room.   She told me later she would freak if she saw him.

I am 1/4 Dutch ( my Maternal Grandmother was from Holland), and I am somewhat familiar with Sinterklaas and his helper, Black Peter.  My Mother told my sister and I a few things about her childhood Christmases.  Something about being thrown hard candy by Sinterklaas, and finding it covered with fuzz from his mittens and coat pockets.   One of the best essays regarding Dutch Christmas traditions has been written by David Sedaris.  It’s called, 6 to 8 Blackmen.  Please, please, please find this story and read it,  It’s so funny that I pee’d my pants from laughing while listening to the book on tape driving throught the panhandle of Texas.  It’s true.  I had to change my pants and everything.

This brings me to the real reason I am writing such a long blog entry.  Krampus.

Feel sorry for the child that has to face Krampus at Christmas time.  I first found out about the Krampus tradition when I had the hobby of collecting antique post cards.  There was a whole section in one of my postcard guides regarding the Krampus figure.  Generally, Krampus is like Santa’s hit man.  He looks quite devilish, with horns, fur, long tonge, one human foot and one cloven foot. Wikipedia describes Krampus as Pre-Christian Alpine tradition.  The tradition can be found in Austria and other European countries.  He comes out on December 5th, to switch or steal away the bad children, switch ugly old ladies and flirt with the young maidens.



Krampus by Travis Louie,

I have to admit that I am looking at Krampus through American eyes.  My Austrian friend  Eva has only fond memories of Krapums.    She hopes to keep the tradition alive for her own little boy by someday making it back to see the Krampus parade in Austria.  Austrian kids must be made of tougher stuff than American kids.  I have seen multitudes of American children scream in horror at being seated on the lap our “beloved” Santa Claus.  In searching for Krampus on Flickr came upon many images of smiling Austrian children in the company of this Christmas demon.

courtesy of Krampus day website in Austria

Below photographs by Twinni.  See more at Flickr:

Stitched by Hand Old School Sewing Competition WINNERS!

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Why didn’t anyone tell me how hard choosing the winners would be?  

Here are the winners of the Stitched by Hand Old School Sewing Competition. (Nobody is allowed to yell at me if their favorite didn’t win)

1)  2D Contemporary, Original Art, Artist Designed

Winner: Penny Nickels

Title: Commemerative Claus Kinski Stamp

Penny Nickels on Flickr:

Etsy:  Donkeywolf


2) 2D Traditional, work must be related to or copy traditional / historic work. This work may be purchased design, public domain images or copy of historic work.

Winner:  Soraia Bejinhos

Title:  Ponto do Castelo Branco