Let’s talk thimbles.

  Like a lot of stitchers, I have I put off using a thimble for a long time.  A finger covered with a thimble never felt right.  But, the more I quilted and embroidered the more raw my right hand middle finger got.  One night my husband caught a glimse of my finger and was shock.  My finger was raw and sore.  What made it worst was that I am allergic to nickel, which is in most needles, so my finger also itched. 

I promised my Husband that I would find a thimble I could work with.  Metal thimbles are out of the question.  They also contain nickel (allergies) and I have big fingers and they never seem to have my size.  Next, I tried a leather thimble.  I loved it, but before long (just one quilts worth of stitching) the needle was able to punture through the leather.  The leather had also stretched out of shape.  Next, I tried a leather thimble with a coin in the figure tip.  This worked well, but once again the leather stretched out of shape. 

At a recent quilting show in Long Beach my husband spotted a rubber thimble.  The sales lady told me that no needle could go through it and it would always keep it’s shape.  There are ridges on the top and sides of the thimble for the needle to rest into.  I really like that the thimble is rubber, so it is pliable.

I have been using this thimble for 2 months now.  I pretty much use it every night.  I love it.  My thimble is called a P.Q.F. Thimble. You can check out this thimble at http://www.customthimbles.com/ .    They show you how to measure your finger to get your own custom sized thimble.  And I believe they have a lifetime guarentee.  My thimble cost $25.00 and I have never regretted the purchase. 


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  2. cathyg says:

    There used to be a product called the BionicThimble which was wonderful. Green and strong, I never had a needle go through it either. They only cost about $8, and I still treat mine like gold. Nice to know that a new product is out there, but that price is a bit high!!

  3. I’ll have to try this, thanks! I get 4-5 of the leather thimbles at a time and toss them when they get stretched out. This sounds like a better solution.

  4. Katy says:

    This is SO helpful! I have big hands, and none of the thimbles I’ve bought or inherited fit me. Thanks so much!

  5. BoB Shotton says:

    Wish I had used one the other night. undoing some tatting, shoved a crochet hook into my finger, came over all wimpy tring to get it out!!

  6. Victoria says:

    Great information! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Cate says:

    You know, since I’m also allergic to nickel, I never even thought of using a thimble. My poor fingers ask for protection in lots of the tasks I assign them, though, so I think I’ll have to give this a try.

    P.S.: Tag, you’re it!

  8. calamity kim says:

    I need this! the hole in my finger is alarming!

  9. Carol James says:

    Dear Andrea,
    I purchased my P.Q.F. thimble size 18 at a San Francisco quilt show probably some time in 2008 and dearly loved it, used it regularly for many, many years. However when I recently got it out to use for a current sewing project, I discovered it had completely disintegrated into a sticky black blob. I tried contacting PQFThimbles@AOL.COM last December and got no response. So much for a lifetime guarantee! Have you heard from any other dissatisfied users?

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