Can I make a hand sewn, appliqued quilt in one day?

Titmouse Quilt by Andrea ZuillYes, I can make a hand sewn, appliqued quilt in one day. I didn’t start this quilt with time in mind, but as I progressed I could see that it would in fact be finished in one day. I knew I wanted to work small because I enjoyed creating the sample for my quilting class, ie The Black Bird Quilt.

titmouse drawing by Andrea Zuill In making a quilt in one day it helps to have an old drawing of a titmouse already to use.

Titmouse Quilt Detail by Andrea Zuill It also helps to have just purchased a rose print fabric, in which you can cut the flower and stem out and then applique onto you quilt.

Titmouse Quilt Detail by Andrea Zuill  I used a single embroidery thread to help make the ouline of the titmouse look like the sketched line. 

This tiny quilt measures 12″ x11″.  This size just happened since I do not plan my quilt sizes before I begin creating them.  If it needed to be functional it could be either a very big coaster or a very small placemat.

4 Responses to “Can I make a hand sewn, appliqued quilt in one day?”

  1. calamity kim says:

    or the flap on a handbag or a nice wall quilt- hang it from a small branch! I love, love, love this!

  2. Victoria says:

    Absolutely delightful!
    I adore this!

  3. Laney says:

    wonderful…..makes me want to sit outside all day tomorrow, watching birds and quilting….I can dream, can’t I??

    working on hats for my shop…….
    Andrea..just wanted to tell you thank you again for your advice about etsy and having a shop….I am s-l-o-w-l-y…getting my act together in that regard……your kindness and time was and is MUCH appreciated. you are a sweetie….with your badbird self!


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