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My new print, Little Gnome

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Little Gnome by Andrea Zuill  I think I have a bad case of Gnomes on the brain. Two weeks ago it was all about Owls.  I started 2 owl quilts and created the print Owl Girl.  Now it’s Gnome time.

 Little Gnome by Andrea Zuill    I like that the gnome looks as if I forced him to stand still why I drew him. 

Gnomes can be such jerks. 

The print size is 13″ x 19″ , with a image size of 9″ x 15″.   It is a limited edition 30 and is done on archivial paper.  Check it out at my Etsy store:

November’s Embroidery Pattern

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Bird & Flower Sampler by Andrea Zuill  So, trying to decide on this months pattern was hard for me.  I just couldn’t come to grips with doing a Thanksgiving pattern.  I thought pilgrim or maybe turkey, but I just couldn’t.  Then I thought, hey I’ll go P.C. and doing a Native American design, but I’m not Native American so is that really P.C..  I finally went with a somewhat traditional sampler.  It’s a bit folk artsy.  I hope you enjoy it.

Remeber, click on the image to see the full size version.

Back from Santa Cruz, wishing I was still there.

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Santa Cruz, CA, Quilt Class

I have just arrived home from a trip up to Santa Cruz, CA.  I had so much fun that it’s hard to be back home.   I got to see me daughter, and I taught a weekend long class at The Crafter’s Studio, .

Santa Cruz, CA, Quilt Class  The first day of the class was the hardest for my students.  They where either new or rusty with their hand sewing skills.  There was a lot of contorted fingers, shoulders, and faces as they tried to get their own personal technique with handling the needle, thread and cloth.

The Crafter’s Studio supplied bolts of fabric and an awesome huge box of scrap fabric to choose our fabrics from.  They also supplied scissors, stitch ripers, pins, needles, hoops, embroidery thread, quilting thread, batting and pretty much everything we needed to make our quilts.

   The second day was very interesting.  Unlike the awkwardness of the first day,  on second day they all looked like pros.  I believe they where twice as fast with their needlework on day 2.  They jumped right in where they had left off without any help from me. 

We where joined by one of my online friends, Megan.  She spent a couple hours with us.  We quilted and she knitted.  

Santa Cruz, CA, Quilt Class  Do you recognize the little Black Bird Quilt?  When they get done with the finishing touches I will post their finished quilts.

Santa Cruz, CA, Quilt Class  Megan brought 3 pieces of embroidery she had made using my free embroidery patterns.  I have a lot of online friends and it was so much fun to meet one of them in person!

Amy at the David Sedaris lecture  So, what’s the best way of topping off a weekend of visiting my daughter,  and crafting for 2 days solid?  Why, going to see a talk by David Sedaris of course.  If you are not familar with Mr. Sedaris then become familiar with him ASAP.  Once, while listening to one of his books on tape,  I laught so hard I actually pee’d my pants.  There, I said it and I am not ashamed.

Let’s talk thimbles.

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

  Like a lot of stitchers, I have I put off using a thimble for a long time.  A finger covered with a thimble never felt right.  But, the more I quilted and embroidered the more raw my right hand middle finger got.  One night my husband caught a glimse of my finger and was shock.  My finger was raw and sore.  What made it worst was that I am allergic to nickel, which is in most needles, so my finger also itched. 

I promised my Husband that I would find a thimble I could work with.  Metal thimbles are out of the question.  They also contain nickel (allergies) and I have big fingers and they never seem to have my size.  Next, I tried a leather thimble.  I loved it, but before long (just one quilts worth of stitching) the needle was able to punture through the leather.  The leather had also stretched out of shape.  Next, I tried a leather thimble with a coin in the figure tip.  This worked well, but once again the leather stretched out of shape. 

At a recent quilting show in Long Beach my husband spotted a rubber thimble.  The sales lady told me that no needle could go through it and it would always keep it’s shape.  There are ridges on the top and sides of the thimble for the needle to rest into.  I really like that the thimble is rubber, so it is pliable.

I have been using this thimble for 2 months now.  I pretty much use it every night.  I love it.  My thimble is called a P.Q.F. Thimble. You can check out this thimble at .    They show you how to measure your finger to get your own custom sized thimble.  And I believe they have a lifetime guarentee.  My thimble cost $25.00 and I have never regretted the purchase. 


It’s been so long…

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

It’s been so long since I posted the stitchery of the people who have used my patterns.  I let is build up and now there is tons.  I found the following but will be looking for more.


Eclectic_chica :


Bird and Flowers Quilt

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Bird and Flower Quilt Detail  My daughter had received some beautiful scrapbook papers from a friend.  Included in these papers was a bird and floral motif that I really liked.  I decided to create a quilt using the scrapbook  paper as my inspiration.

Bird and Flower Quilt Detail  The inspiration piece had a dark back ground.  I chose a black fabric with a slight gold print.  I also did my usual embellishment of embroidery.  The inspiration piece was much plainer.

Bird and Flower Quilt Detail  The more I worked on this piece the more it looked like German or Dutch folk art.  Still, with my embroidery, and the colors it adds, gave it a Mexican folk art look.Bird and Flower Quilt by Andrea Zuill I played with negative space on this small quilt.  I kind of like it.  This quilt took me a week of evenings to complete.  The finished size came out to 19″ x 19″.  I am really enjoying work on these smaller sized quilts.

You can click on the quilt image to see a larger version.

Owl Girl, A New Print

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Owl Girl by Andre Zuill  This print is called Owl Girl.  I was actually thinking of calling it “Owl Maiden”  or “Owl Clan”.  I am kind of interested in giving this girl the story of being  part of a group of people where the owl is their talismen.   It sounds a bit “Wicker Mannish”  like I know, but I find the idea of modern people wearing their animal “spirits” in a everyday way kind of fun.

Owl Girl at Etsy:


Can I make a hand sewn, appliqued quilt in one day?

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Titmouse Quilt by Andrea ZuillYes, I can make a hand sewn, appliqued quilt in one day. I didn’t start this quilt with time in mind, but as I progressed I could see that it would in fact be finished in one day. I knew I wanted to work small because I enjoyed creating the sample for my quilting class, ie The Black Bird Quilt.

titmouse drawing by Andrea Zuill In making a quilt in one day it helps to have an old drawing of a titmouse already to use.

Titmouse Quilt Detail by Andrea Zuill It also helps to have just purchased a rose print fabric, in which you can cut the flower and stem out and then applique onto you quilt.

Titmouse Quilt Detail by Andrea Zuill  I used a single embroidery thread to help make the ouline of the titmouse look like the sketched line. 

This tiny quilt measures 12″ x11″.  This size just happened since I do not plan my quilt sizes before I begin creating them.  If it needed to be functional it could be either a very big coaster or a very small placemat.