August Free Embroidery Pattern, Li’l Mermaid

Li\'l Mermaid by Andrea Zuill    I dedicate this pattern to Calamity Kim.  She wanted a mermaid to go with July’s free pattern, Jacob the Octopus.  Plus, Calamity is doing a mermaid special at Flickr site,

Click on the image to see the pattern full size.

12 Responses to “August Free Embroidery Pattern, Li’l Mermaid”

  1. mrs. french says:

    sweetest mermaid I have ever seen…really and truly!

  2. mariapatrice says:

    pretty..I think I will do an “under the sea” theme, “into the woods” and”over the rainbow” themes. embroider each design onto a small patch of calico and then join them up with patchwork fabric strips…well that is the plan. Thank you for being so gerenous and creative.

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  4. dawn says:

    Oh, sooo sweet! I have to finish Jacob before I can start her though!

  5. calamity kim says:

    I was watching SpongeBob the other day and Sandy Squirrel said: I’m as happy as a June Bug at a Porch Light Sale and that’s all I can say as I sit here grinning like an idiot! You missed the little dance I did when I saw this on Flickr!
    Thank you so very much.
    You rock!
    You totally rock hard!
    I am putting this on the next thing I make!
    Thank you Andrea, so very much.
    You are so kind and sweet.
    My heart is so happy.

  6. siusi says:

    seu desenho é lindo!

  7. Lisa says:

    Thank you! So pretty. I know a certain little girl that’s going to love this.

  8. crafty_dame says:

    i finished this a few weeks ago, i love how it turned out! here she is –

    thank you so much for the pattern!

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  10. mel says:

    Love this pattern I have been looking all day for such a creative mermaid and have finally found it!! thank you you are a very creative person!

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  12. Schechinger says:

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