Rim to rim. The Grand Canyon.

Bottom of the Grand Canyon  I just hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim.  What this means is we (my husband, daughter, friend Don, niece Athena w/ husband Daniel, Bro-in-Law Leo w/ niece Jenny) hiked down the North rim of the canyon, on the North Kaibab Trail, and hiked out up the Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim.

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Heading down the North Kaibab trail.  This is the view, at approx. 5:30 am, from the North Kaibab trail.  Our destination is the bottom of the Grand Canyon, at a place called the Phantom Ranch.  It is about 14 miles down to the ranch.  As you can see, the North rim of the Grand Canyon is forested.  It was very cool and quite beautiful.

Amy and Woody heading down the North Kaibab Trail  At this point on the North Kaibab trail we are at full steam.  Later, our knees begin to hurt from constantely going down hill.   I love seeing everyone in the full hiking gear. 

Looking down North Kaibab Trail  You can start to see the desert side to the North Kaibab Trail.  It is still quite cool.  If you click on this image you will be able to see all the switchback in this trail.  It will also let you know how high up we are.

Amy on the North Kaibab Trail  I seemed to always be walking with Amy.  I like how this trail was cut out of the side of this cliff.

One of the many bridges on the North Kaibab Trail  This is approx. 12 miles down from the North Rim, on the North Kaibab Trail.  We are in the real desert now.  I think that there are about 5 bridges that need to be crossed.  The temp. is about 101, but there is a breeze.  There are a few places to replentish your water supply.  We all had CamelBaks in we each carried 3 liters of water each. 

Bottom of the Grand Canyon, Phantom Ranch, mules on trail.  Phantom Ranch.  I always loved the name of this place.  It has several cabins, showers, bunkhouses, and a cantina.  You can only get here by hiking, rafting or mules.  The famous Grand Canyon mules also stay here.  This photo is of late afternoon, with the mules heading toward the Colorado river.

Bottom of the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, near Phantom Ranch  The beautiful Colorado river.  Click on the image to get a more detailed view.  You’ll be able to see one of the bridges that crosses the river.  Crossing on this bridge can be scary for some.  It is a very substancial foot bridge, but the surface you walk on is a heavy metal mesh.  You can see the rushing river below you.  It makes most people dizzy looking down.  When I crossed it I just looked straight ahead.

Amy and cabins at Phantom Ranch.  Here is Amy next to our cute little cabins.  We had two cabins, one for the girls, and one for the boys.  Each cabin had 2 bunk beds, and a toilet. 

Hiking to Clear Creek, near the Phantom Ranch.  We spent the next day resting, in which I mean to say that my Husband, Don and I hiked approx. another 6 miles on the Clear Creek trail.

Heading toward Clear Creek.  This view is on the Clear Creek Trail.  It was cool that day. Clouds where coming in and later that evening it got windy and rained.  Last year,  when I was too fat and sassy to hike, my family hiked the canyon.  One day it got up to 120.  This year we got lucky.  I don’t think the temp. got my higher than 82 on our “rest” day and the hike out.

Heading out of the canyon on Bright Angel Trail.  This is one of the few photo’s I took leaving the inside of the Grand Canyon.  It is about 10 mile up to the South Rim and somewhere in the middle of the hike I got just too tired to take photo’s.  By the last 3 miles our feet hurt and our stamina was waining.  When we got to the top we walked directly to the Dreyers Icecream shop (place conveniently a few feet from the Bright Angel Trail)  and got each of us a double scope of ice cream.

13 Responses to “Rim to rim. The Grand Canyon.”

  1. mrs. french says:

    Good for you! This post has me itching to take a family vacation.

  2. Colorfuldayz says:

    What a wonderful hike!! And the perfect time of year to do it~

  3. hannita says:

    Wow! I’m so impressed! And the scenery is gorgeous. Sometimes I miss the desert.

  4. Danielbalc says:

    Hi Aunt Andrea,

    great photos. I especially like the comment “somewhere in the middle of the hike I got just too tired to take photos.”

    truer words were never spoken.

    We had the best time and have really enjoyed telling everyone about it. I need your e-mail so I can send you some photos to pass on to uncle leo.


  5. Carrie says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure! I love the photos. Having lived in the west my whole life I have yet to see the Grand Canyon. Your photos are giving me the travel bug.

  6. Leo says:

    Two things I liked about the trip. 1- Grand Canyon was really neat. 2- The hiking companions were first rate. Congrats Andrea.

  7. WOW. This is something I hope to be able to do. Soon.

  8. Art Anderson says:

    Sounds great! However what would be helpful to me is how long it took you to hike from the North Rim to the Phantom Ranch; and how long it took to hike from the Phantom Ranch up to the South Rim. Would be interested in knowing this since I will be hiking this route in three weeks.

  9. kathy havlik says:

    Thanks, Andrea. Our son and his fiancee are pretty much following, this week, the rim to rim plan so helpfully described on your site. They’ve seen some terrifically sad places in the word through their work, and we’re so glad they’ve made the time for this sublime trip. You’ve opened our eyes to the rewarding difficulty of this hike.

    Best wishes,
    Mike and Kathy

  10. glad to be one of several visitors on this amazing site : D.

  11. Elvis says:

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