New T-Shirt Design, and one old one.

Bigfoot.  Since I was a child I have loved the idea of there being a big foot.  I made up this little design to show the kinder side of the big guy.

These shirts can be found at:  Ta, Da, de Frickin’ Da !!!

Bigfoot Love You.

and here is a better image of the unicorn:

The Littlest Unicorn He’s on t-shirts too.

5 Responses to “New T-Shirt Design, and one old one.”

  1. tally says:

    Hey there! Love your work!

    Thought I should somehow let you know that I’ve featured you in a treasury of mine. here’s the link

    Sorry I didn’t contact you through more conventional methods, but Etsy considers it spam and will lock down your account. And I couldn’t find your email address….

    Hope you get this!


  2. cathygaubert says:

    the shirts are so cute, it’s almost criminal!
    i just finished stitching up your latest guys for two doll quilts for my girls. lily (4) has claimed pegasus for her own (it’s definitely the mane + tail), and eme (2) gets the littlest unicorn by default. lucky thing that uni was the one she picked anyway. if you created a flickr group for all of your followers, i would so be there! :) cathy

  3. Daina Stock says:

    This is my version of your lovely unicorn. i also have your pixie on my flickr….

    Thank you soooooooo much for your patterns. They’re so fun to do!!

  4. Nichola says:

    I’ve just saved this write-up in Diig, i am grateful.

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