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Upcoming 2014 Speaking Plans

I have made plans to speak at several upcoming conferences and events.  If you are attending any of these, I’d love to meet up with you and talk about Agile, Mob Programming, #NoEstimates, #BeyondProjects, or just about anything please look me up!


Already done…



SoCal Code Camp Fullerton 2011

I’ve signed up to do a few talks at the upcoming SoCal Code Camp at Cal State Fullerton.  You can follow this link to see the details of all the talks (including mine):

SoCal Code Camp Sessions

The date this year is January 29/30, 2011

This year I’ll do at least a couple presentations with Llewellyn Falco:

  • A Coding Dojo
  • Core Agile Development Values

And I’ve signed up to do a shortened version of our Code Excellence talk:

  • 10.5 Easy Code Excellence Techniques

My talks are always fun and a good learning experience (for me).  If you happen to have a little free time and are in the neighborhood of Cal State Fullerton in late January, please stop by and pretend to enjoy yourself.