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UCSD Rock and Roll Code Camp this month!

I’m signed up to do 3 talks at the upcoming UCSD SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp in La Jolla.   The dates are June 28th and 29th at University of California San Diego Extension – you can get the details and maps, schedules, and etc. at the link above.

Agile Development Basics – In this presentation I cover the Agile values and principles, as well as the a little about why we need something like Agile.

A Quick Introduction to Scrum – Here I’ll present the who, what, and how of Scrum.  Scrum is one of the most common methodologies for managing an Agile effort.

Agile Coding Techniques for Legacy Apps – This talk shows various techniques for introducing unit tests and micro tests into an application that has insufficient tests.

I am planning on doing a couple of additional talks on using NMock or Mock Objects, and I’ll post the details here as soon as I get the time to sign up for the presentations.

It is always a great time at all of the Code Camps.  I’ve been to 4 or 5 in the last year, including the Fullerton and San Luis Obispo code camps – I highly recommend you attend if you possibly can!  Every Code Camp I have been able to attend has been a wonderful experience for me.   So far there are about 80 sessions, and there will probably be a few more added over the next week or two.