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The Task Board Animation

Task Board SimulationWhen I do my “Quick Introduction To Scrum” presentation  the most popular feature is a little Sprint task board animation that I put together in PowerPoint.  I got the idea from a slide from the ScrumMaster training that Ken Schwaber provides.  My main goal was to try to give a visual “time-spanning” representation of what a Sprint task board “looks and feels” like over a two week Sprint that is operating in a more or less healthy manner.    If you aren’t doing Scrum, but rather some other Agile methodology,  just replace “Sprint” with “Iteration”, and “Scrum” with “Agile” and you’ll do fine. 

I’ve converted the animation to Flash and added a little running  commentary to cover a few things about how we

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Speaking at San Diego Dot Net Developers Group

Jason Kerney and I will be making a presentation on the basics of using NMock2 with C# at the San Diego Dot Net Developers Group tonight, Feb 5th, 2008.  The meeting starts as 6:00pm.  They have a new meeting place, so if you haven’t gotten the emails, please check the site for information and directions.  They are now meeting at the AMN buildling in the Del Mar Heights area.  Pizza and soda is being provided by the Eastridge Infotech staffing company.

This is essentially the same presentation from Code Camp, but slightly tuned and tightened up.  We had very good response for this presentation from the code camp crowd.   This talk is mostly code, with just a short introduction of slides to set the stage.

Hope to see you there.