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Speaking at SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp

I’m doing 3 talks – maybe more – at the SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp this year January 27 & 28th, 2008, at the Cal State Fullerton Campus. 

Agile Development Basics  – In this presentation I cover the Agile values and principles, as well as the a little about why we need something like Agile.

A Quick Introduction to Scrum – Here I’ll present the who, what, and how of Scrum.  Scrum is one of the most common methodologies for managing an Agile effort.

Agile Coding Techniques for Legacy Apps – This talk shows various techniques for introducing unit tests and micro tests into an application that has insufficient tests. 

Last year the Code Camp was a lot of fun with a lot of great presentations and get-togethers with fellow developers.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and learning a lot of new, useless stuff.

The Mini Waterfall with an Agile Team

I have noticed some Scrum teams approaching the work of a Sprint/iteration as a “mini-waterfall”.  The work is thought of as having a progression just like a typical waterfall:

requirements gathering- -> analysis- -> design- -> coding- -> testing- -> promotion to staging… etc.

or something like that, but instead of spanning a year or so, it is applied to the work of a single 2 week iteration.  Continue reading ‘The Mini Waterfall with an Agile Team’ »